Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter 7.0

As you all know Harry Potter 7.0 made it's debut on Friday at 12:00 Midnight on Friday. I decided I was going to be there when it happened. At 10:00 PM my brothers and I met up with two of there friends at Borders in Castleton for the "Grand Hollows Ball" Extravaganza. The extravaganza consisted of little kids coloring and making wizard's hats out of construction paper and the forming of very, very long lines combined with both children and adults sporting various wizard and witch costumes, some good, some very, very bad.. The twins' friends wanted to tail gate in the parking lot. I found this to be an extremely bad idea especially with them being underage. At this point my brother HT and I decided to make our way across the parking lot to BW3's and get a couple of beers to wait out the madness until midnight.

At 11:30 we went back. the lines now much, much longer, and no change of getting the book before 1:30AM. At this point we decide to wait it out. Midnight comes and goes. The lines barely move. HT now says... Fuck this, let's go to Walmart. We decide t wait it out for 3 more minutes. At this point we are convinced this has been a terrible idea and we should check out Walmart. We walk in and buy the book in 4 minutes. 1 hour and 26 minutes sooner than we would have had it.

I think there are two very important lessons here. The first is Walmart is your friend. The second is there is no reason, absolutely no reason to buy a book at midnight. You have better shit to do. That being said I am two hundred pages into it and enjoying it greatly. For those of you who are in Indy feel free to join my wife and I next Sunday at the Big Car Gallery to check out the wizard rock of Harry and the Potters. Should be a magically delicious good time.


Macky Olé said...

I can understand it's fun to hang out and have wizard parties and all that shit, but you're right. There is no reason to buy the book in the middle of the night, because you're not going to run home and read the whole thing. I can understand waiting for a CD or a movie to be released, but a book makes no sense.

Adriana said...

Whatever - WalMart is evil, and don't you forget it!

You and Wally can start your own little club of trying to convert me back into a WalMart lover...