Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Chromeo = Electro Awesomeness

If there are two things I like in my music it's indie DIY spirit and creativity, and I want to shake my ass. Chromeo and their electro contemporaries give me the best of both worlds. The new Chromeo album "Fancy Footwork" is like a Popsicle on a hot summer day, if that Popsicle was awesome flavored. From the super cool "Intro" to the smooth as silk ender "100%" Chromeo keeps it rockin. Dave One and Pee Thug are not new to the game. Their first album "She's In Control" was fun and showed promise, "Fancy Footwork" delivers on that promise. I saw them live last summer at the Vice curated Intonation. It was ok but not great, I think a lot of that however is owed to the venue. A summer concert in a park is not their scene, they seem much more at home in a slick club with a light up dance floor. Metro's Smart Bar would have been a much better choice. That being said I will be grooving this album all summer to be sure. The only downside is that I'm sure it sounds better with robot ears.

Chromeo's Web Site


Macky Olé said...

Byron -- don't let it die, man! Also -- I'll be in indy the weekend of the Aug 24, if you happened to be around and wanna meet up.

Andrew said...

Hey I found your blog link on Mike Hick's Deep Fat.

Just downloaded Chromeo's "Needy Girl."

Lovin it.